Month: November 2019

Pricing and Benefits

Every ECN user is entitled to several free features, including searching and viewing opportunity abstracts and creating an unlimited number of opportunity alerts. To connect to any prospective partner you’ve spotted on ECN, you need to purchase “Connection Credits.” We believe that our pay as you go pricing model is best suited to the needs…
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Incoterms ® 2010 for Export Success

February 29, 2016 During this webinar you’ll learn how to select, quote and apply the right trade terms to contracts so that financial liabilities, limitations and responsibilities can be mitigated and understood by the both,  exporters and importers, before acting on global agreements.  The International Commercial Terms, known in the industry as Incoterms, are a…
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Export Success Webinar: Documenting International Trade for Export Compliance

May 12, 2016 Exporting from Canada can be fairly easy in terms of trade documentation for most of products. The main challenge is much more complex when you look at the document compliance in the country of destination. Avoid delays, penalties and most of all lost of sales by providing trade documents that are in compliance…
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Export Success Webinar: Avoiding Red Flags When Shipping Internationally

April 5, 2016 This webinar will address legal issues frequently seen in the marine transportation of containers. With references to clauses found in ocean bills of lading, statutory rules and recent court decisions, the objective of this webinar is to give the audience an overview of the legal concepts surrounding transportation of containers to help…
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Export IQ Webinar: Export and Shipping Capacity of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway

Manufacturers and shippers may not realize how simple it is to transport goods through the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway. This Webinar will highlight that ocean ships do indeed utilize the Seaway to move cargo from the Canadian “hinterland” to commercial export markets worldwide Expert: Vincent D’Amico 11 am ET, Tuesday September 22nd 2015 

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

A guideline for preparing successful Canadian manufacturers & exporters to foreign countries and international entities.